FCCLA offers students another competitive outlet


By Karen Gaytan

The Family career and community leaders of America, FCCLA , is an organization that is a student lead organization with family as its center focus, it creates the leaders of the future in their family, career, and community. With FCCLA you have the opportunity to compete in STAR events which are individual or group competitions where students show off their projects from what they’ve learned or researched through human services.

“FCCLA has given me many opportunities to grow as an individual. Through FCCLA I’ve become a stronger leader, better at communicating, and learned how to work with all types of people.” Senior Tammy Santiago states. “ I use to be a awkward shy person but through this organization, I have come out of my shell.”

FCCLA is a competitive organization that had 14 students advanced to the state level. They did not have anyone advance to nationals but they were very close. Chapter President Noah Mendez was successful to become the region 3 VP of Competitive events.

Competing is one of my favorite parts of FCCLA, that’s why I became the region 3 VP of Competitive events.” Mendez comments.

The chapter hopes to accomplish their goal of bringing home plaques and medals. “ I’m looking forward to our region conference in February where our chapter will be competing in events such as, sports nutrition, life event planning, teach and train, and hospitality and tourism.” Mendez explains.

The FCCLA chapter in Duncanville High School, has done honorable work to the community such as hosting the DFW cemetery visit where the organization visits and leaves flowers and American flags for fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.

“ This event gives me a chance to honor my great grandfather who served in the army.” Mendez express.

FCCLA also gives students a chance to showcase their talents by hosting the annual talent show. From judging the auditions to controlling the mics, FCCLA completely took control and held a successful talent show.

“ All of the kids and young adults in FCCLA make it twice as fun and enjoyable.”  senior Jamesha Kings said as she and her friends laugh and decorate the stage with flowers. “There is never a dull moment with this group.”

FCCLA is an organization that represents duncanville motto “ City of Champions “. As the organization continues to grow, the determination to achieve their goal to bring awards heightens. The chapter remains strong and unified as a family as they go through the obstacles and triumph.

“ I am extremely proud of these students “ FCCLA sponsor Mrs. Baker proudly announces.

Some recent winners in the contest are:

FCSA in Fashion Design

Samantha Rojas – Gold

Maria Osegneda – Silver

Jordan Williams – Silver

FCSA in FCCLA Creed, Mission and Purpose

Thometria Varnado – Silver

STAR Event Recycle and Redesign OS

Dallana Vargas – 1st place

Dalondra Dixon – 2nd place

STAR Event Life Event Planning Jr., 3rd place

Hailey Gutierrez and other team members

STAR Event Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Sr., 3rd place

Tammy Satiago

Maia Raine

STAR Event Sports Nutrition Jr., 3rd place

Gerardo Hernandez

Cynthia Roman Medina

Ja’Keveaun Wallace

STAR Event Teach and Train Sr.

Rebeca Bersusky – 3rd place

VP of Competitive Events

Noah Mendez