Youth and Government


By Benjamin Arellano

This past weekend, Duncanville’s Youth and Government took about 85 kids to Austin, Texas for their state competition. Two of our very own students were representing us as state officers. We had Gloria Ogunlade as Print Editor-In-Chief for the state of Texas. We also had JaDarius Jones as Attorney General for the state of Texas. There were two students running to be state officers: Sebastiane Caballes running to be elected as Chief Justice and Auyana Aird running for Print Editor-In-Chief. There were students taking part in all four branches of Youth and Government, including Legislative, State Affairs, Judicial, and Media. “Start fast, Finish Strong! I want all of you all to do y’alls best because I believe you all can win,” YAG advisor Steve Cain said to all the students before they left Duncanville. Duncanville Youth and Government came to win because they ended up winning many awards plus two state positions.


Auyana Aird- Print Editor In-Chief

Sebastiane Caballes- Chief Justice

Maryfer Nunez- Social Media Distinguished Delegate

Benjamin Arellano- Social Media Distinguished Delegate

Auyana Aird- Print Distinguished Delegate

Marie Mcgrew- Hyde Senate Distinguished  Delegate

Samir Davis- Hyde House Distinguished Delegate

Amaris-Lynn Jorbert- House Distinguished Delegate

Alfredo Acuna- House Distinguished Delegate

Jose Moreno- House Distinguished Delegate

Issac Euceda- House Distinguished Delegate

Amber Siddiqui- House Distinguished Delegate

Jariah Cole & Michelle Murata- Outstanding Hearing Committee Team

Matthew Garcia- State Affairs Forum Distinguished Delegate

Madison Davis- State Affairs Forum Distinguished Delegate

Kennedi Ford & Kennedy Onic-  5th Appeals Court Team