The Script and Will in Hall of Fame

Script's New single with Will is a song worth listening to.


Once upon a time there was a band named The Script and they are back with a new single, Hall of Fame, along with Will me the lead singer of The Script, Danny O’Donoghue and Will may seem like an odd pair, but these two musicians are in sync. I wasn’t taken back by how bold this song was. I was surprised with how well the song fit with The Script’s scene. I believe that this song will be a hit in their upcoming album, #3, in October 9th.

When you first press play, you feel at ease, because the song doesn’t start with a big rush. A piano comes in with a rhythm that makes you visualize waves. Then O’Donoghue’s voice begins the song with a sound that has spunk. Then for part of the first verse, Will glides his way in and I never knew that he was singing until I actually listened to the voices. I noticed how O’Donoghue’s voice has more of a solid sound, while Will had the loose melody. Like earth and water, they made a dynamic duo.

Now while the vocals were the main point for the song, the instruments held the rhythm and kept in steady. The drums didn’t seem to blast too loud, but it was the kept to keeping a steady rhythm for the vocalist. The sound of the guitar didn’t seem to come out that strong, until toward the end. The guitar was like hot sauce added to Mexican dishes . Even though the song was already awesome with the drums and piano, the guitar splattered on top of it to make even better.

Along with the guitar, the lyrics were the icing on the cake. A song that stated that you didn’t have to be a celebrity to be famous is a song for the world. The song is inspirational and warming. It makes everyone feel important.

A song that got all check marks in every aspect is hundred percent awesome. The Script stood by their style, and Will i. am just made it better. Most duos consist of musicians that do not play the same genre. And that tends to change the style each of them performs. But these two stayed true their genre and that made the song all better.