The Best Album of The Year

Top bought album of the year

After making their upcoming scene in 2010, Mumford and Sons is back with their signature sound and mythical lyrics. And yes I said mythical. Babel was released August 29, 2012 with raising sales. It sold more than Justin Bieber’s June album, Believe. It’s phenomenal how most of our population today would actually choose truly better music over eye-candy. Mumford has something when they create their music, and that is originality. They have a unique sound that people like, that I doubt they would actually change.

The sounds coming out of Babel, made you know who they were. Their sound is distinct and enjoyable. It is something that you can listen to on anytime of the day. But that is not the point to praise them. Having a sound that is enjoyable, but having a certain sound that categorizes it has it’s own genre. You can’t simply say that Mumford and Sons is pop, because most people wouldn’t consider it that. It’s something different, and that is why most people like their music. The most distinct sounds coming from most of their songs was the main lead singer, Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall’s banjo playing. Mumford’s voice has that British touch to it that creates a foreign sound and the banjo creates a solid theme. People enjoy this sound.

The lyrics to Mumford’s songs are something that I could compare to Iron and Wine and Civil Wars. It tells a story that is stronger than last year. No love stories, but stories about life. In the self named song Babel, carries a tough lyrics that make you smile, like their 2010’s big hit Little Lion Man. This song creates something awesome and doesn’t repeat it self. Like a surprise presents, there will something new for Mumford and Sons to write in every album. Since they pleased me in this album and last album, I can’t wait to see what they create next.