2012’s Top Entertainment

Entertainment for 2012, What is truly the best

The year is over and a lot has changed. Things became cool, many became awesome and I have noticed the new transitions from being a nerd to being a hipster. From the Bruce Lee slip ons (Toms) to the hobo baja sweaters, people have been looking like pot heads all year round. Which is why for 2013 I want much to change with the fashion scene and the music scene as well. I don’t want things to get too hyped up this year. Yeah, we did not die last year, but that does not mean we should live life to the fullest stilFor music I was really disappointed in the new albums that came out for old artist. The songs they would write, sounded like they were trying too hard. I was expecting more from these artist that made me fall in love with them. But I did not lose faith for any of the music for 2012. The new artists were the ones that caused an uproar. I couldn’t make a book of all the artists that have come and captured my heart, but here are 2012 top new bands. Imagine Dragon, Mumford and Sons, and Of Monsters and Men. These are the bands that bring more than just songs. They give their own genre that I think is awesome and real.

Now the new artists that have caught my attention and have kept me ever since. Alyssa Bonagura, Ellie Goulding, and a duo that most should know, but do not- The Civil Wars. These artists are not in it for the spotlight. Instead they make a new kind of music that can not be mastered. They add their own flare and that is how most people know about them. They also come on commercials, but the one that was most successful was Ellie Goulding with her song Lights. But in my opinion this artist still has a long way to go. Unlike Alyssa Bonagura and The Civil Wars, she has not yet had a live concert, but I am sure that will come soon enough, with the amount of likes she has on iTunes with her hit single.

Band has been playing since 2011, but they been discovered in 2012

Now for entertainment of 2012, the movies were something that I could not possible hate, because they were all different in every way. I believe movies made more money than music last year. Here are the top movies for 2012. TED, The Rise Of The Guardians, and Wreck it Ralph. The funny movies were something to talk about last year, especially TED. This movie may have been inappropriate, but it make everyone laugh. I truly assumed that this movie would just be ridiculous, but it was something that I could not stop watching. As well as the two animated movies that I thought to be the best in animation and story plot. Rise of The Guardians and Wreck it Ralph were holiday favorites with their fairytales and video game animations that could make any kid smile. I honestly loved movies for 2012, because they improved and made put more meaning into their stories.

2012 was meant to be a year of panic, but to me that was not the case. I didn’t feel like the world was going to end, so I simply did not believe the Mayan calendar. I enjoyed my year, and I know every one else did with their party like they only had one day to live. But is that what last year taught us? Is it not what every song and movie tried to strive for? To live a life to the fullest and let the mistakes come, because in a life there can not any regrets. Art reflects that. It is the voice of what the people are thinking about. So, for 2012 I believe we had the best, lets just make 2013 better.