Theatre set to perform “The Masque of the Beauty and the Beast” for Feb. 6-10

Students will perform The Masque of Beauty and the Beast this week. (Xavier Good photo)

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Students will perform “The Masque of Beauty and the Beast” this week. (Xavier Good photo)

Students will perform "The Masque of Beauty and the Beast" this week. (Xavier Good photo)
The Masque of Beauty and the Beast will be on stage with students in the theater department performing the play Feb. 6-10.

“The play follows the Disney version but without singing candlesticks and clocks” Genevieve Croft said.

Set as a 16th century drama, the play is based on the original French fairytale with some influence of the Grimm Brother’s version. The production tells the story of a half-man/half-beast who through a series of events ends up with a beautiful young woman living in a grand palace with him. Only time will tell how the two will cope with the situation and demonstrate the power of true love.

“It’s a good story that shows that true love can conquer vanity and greed which is really prevalent in this version.” Croft said.

As opening night approaches, Croft is hoping she will be able to spread the word so that students and adults of all ages will be able to attend one of the performances, especially children who are the target audiences, but either way she knows that anybody will enjoy what the show has to offer.

“My main concern is getting the word out especially to younger students because I know people here will like it, but I hope anybody with younger siblings at the elementary schools will like it” Croft said. “ But there will be a lot of surprises for those who come and see it. The ending may not be what people expect.”

Event: “The Masque of the Beauty and the Beast”

Dates: February 6-10 at 7:30pm and February 9-10 at 2:30pm

Where: Tom and Verda Shine Performance Hall

Cost: $5.00

See opening night photos below: