‘One Direction’ takes you home with their hit album

Album Cover

Album Cover

Topping the charts in more than 36 countries, and having two platinum albums, the hottest boy band on this planet is only going in one direction, and that is towards success. This album dropped like a supernova on its debut.  Once again, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis have captured the hearts of the girls screaming their names. The boy band’s sophomore album is filled with romantic pop love songs filled with emotion; Take Me Home is a perfect catch for the teenage girls.

Album Cover

The five members of this British-Irish pop boy band auditioned as individuals for the X Factor 2010 UK edition. Although they did not make it as individuals, their mentor, Simon Cowell, formed them into a group. This was probably the greatest decision Mr. Cowell has ever made because today, they are the most prominent figures in the music industry.

Each and every one of their concerts was sold out during their Up All Night tour and now on their Take Me Home tour this 2013. They possess this charm that leaves fan girls crying after every performance. Some say that most of their fans are pre-teens, but the truth is, even the “mature” teenagers end up falling in love with these five boys.

Take Me Home has matured in many different aspects compared to their first hit album, Up All Night.  This sophomore album is filled with extremely beautiful songs, and if you listen to it closely, you will realize that each of these tracks tell a story. Ed Sheeran, who’s known as “Ginger Jesus” for writing songs perfectly, composed two of the songs on this album.  Indeed, he has not failed in writing amazing songs, and for these young lads to be able to sing it is beyond perfection.

This album is not all about a girl, but it is also about a boy’s feelings towards the love of their life put into music. Every girl deserves to be loved for all her
“little things.” Every lady should feel special in a relationship.

I would like to say that this album is beyond perfect, but there are others who constantly criticize the band as just another tween pop sensation. They need to realize that in every concert, they always sing with their hearts. They do not just sing to make girls fall for them, but these young boys sing because this is what they have chosen to do.

Overall, the boys did an excellent job with this album. They are on the right path, and if they keep pursuing the same direction, success is within reach. After listening to the whole album, as a teenager, I felt important. I have to admit that they captured my heart as well. Sometimes boys should listen to their music too, so they can get a little hint on how to make a girl feel special. The songs are always on replay on my iPod, and I just have to listen to them everyday. In relationships, when you really love someone, then that person loves you back, in whatever way he has to love. They make my day a little brighter, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of teenage girls can relate to me.