Game Review: NBA 2K13 improves gameplay

NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13

The best 2k-basketball game since NBA 2k11! For those of you whom enjoyed superstar mode and customizing your own shoes your love this one even more. For me it felt like 2k made a huge improvement of the franchise with the release of 2k11 and went back down on the release of 2k12, but skyrocketed with the best 2k.

The gameplay on this game improved a little, but what I really enjoyed was the handles of the players and the dunk meter. The developers also eliminated the glitches in the gameplay. This game offers some little surprises such as the 1992 dream team that is playable automatically along with this year’s Olympic team. There are also more playable throw back teams such as the 98 Spurs with the twin towers. All those teams are available for online play as well is the Celebrity team which features Justin Bieber.

For all of you sneaker heads out there in your career mode you get the option to choose whether to sign with Nike or Jordan. Before you choose just remember they update the new shoe releases every month. The dunks in 2k11 were crazy and the 2k13 dunks are just as good. The crossovers in this game are nasty crazy compared to the one’s in 2k11, Trying to compare 2k12 to 2k13 is insanity talk.

I know as a kid and growing up now you like to tell younger people who idolize today’s superstars like Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade and whoever else is a popular player in the NBA. You should’ve seen Michael Jordan or Karl Malone play. Matching the two teams together is as close as your going to get to the real thing.

Talk is definitely cheap especially when it comes to this game. One thing about basketball games is that you need to find the feel of it in order to get the hang of the game. The game felt natural for me. I suggest you rent this one and try it or do whatever it takes just to play it once.

You may find out that players who normally don’t make their jump shots in real life are just jaying them in your face. So if that ever happens and you get annoyed just change the game to Hall of Fame mode to make the game more realistic. This way Blake Griffin wont be making threes or jump shots like he normally doesn’t.