LitMag open for submissions to 2013 magazine


In the past the LitMag has been print only. This year the staff wants to continue print but also extend to digital. (Chrystal Rhone photo)

In the past the LitMag has been print only. This year the staff wants to continue print but also extend to digital. (Chrystal Rhone photo)
Between now and spring break, students can submit pieces of art, photos, short stories, poems and other forms of original literature to the Literary Magazine.

Every week the Lit mag staff will be giving short prompts to help get the creative ideas flowing.

“I am really excited about some of the new things we are doing with literary magazine,” adviser Medgar Roberts said. “We are trying to find a way to recognize all the different forms of creative expression students have.”

Students can follow Lit Mag at Twitter: @pantherlitmagHashtag: #awesomelitmag Stories can be emailed to [email protected] Students can also follow the Lit Mag at Roberts said the staff is looking forward to having more submissions with the magazine taking on a web presence and hopes to offer more forms of media for students to be creative.

“Of course, that means a large digital presence. Our print magazine will have room for far more material, and the digital channel allows us to publish student works in a way that was never possible before,” Roberts said. “I think students will be very happy with the product we are putting out for them.”

Roberts said the Literary Magazine is attempting an experiment this year.

“We want to encourage literary excitement in as many ways as possible; LitMag is going digital,” Roberts said “Of course, we will still have a physical magazine, but the digital options allows us to do some things very differently.”

Roberts said the magazine staff has expanded their collection window for work they will accept.

We have expanded our definition of literature,” Roberts said. “We are being far more proactive in encouraging creative enterprises in many different forms.”

Roberts said LitMag is sending out creative prompts and suggestions to teachers each week.

“Teachers may use them in their classroom. Use them as extra credit assignments, or make them available for your students’ voluntary use.

Roberts said if teachers ever need him to send a staff members down to collect material they are available 2nd, 4th, 6th or 7th block.

“Just let me know and I will send someone to your classroom,” Roberts said.

Roberts said students and teachers may also submit material electronically to me at [email protected] or to [email protected]

“Electronic submissions are preferred—either scanned or typed,” Roberts said. “But we will take whatever you have.”