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Books should Stick To Pages

Narnia was one of the first disappointments I experience to become a movie

If one were to look up the definition of a book it would probably be a square that contains words making up stories. It surely would not be defined as the next big thing on the movie screen. I have been telling myself that every time I read something new from my book club. Adn this feeling come mainly from the bizarre and new stories. I have been one to look forward to the books that have become movies, but now it’s tiring and caring doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Now this feeling that has occurred came on a Tuesday afternoon when I opened up safari. Like always the apple website appears like owns the internet (well it kind of does) and I glance at it and see a new trailer for a movie that was to be coming out soon. Beautiful Creatures was one of the books that my school book club read last year. And I have to admit it was really good, because it did not have the usual vampires or werewolves. It brought back the witches and wizards that I grew up with in Harry Potter. I really liked the book, but now I’m not so sure if I like the fact that it was to become a movie.

I mean I like movie, don’t get me wrong. I like waiting in a long life something wonderful that I already know about. Or if I didn’t know the movie was a book before, actually reading for the first time. It’s an adventure I love exploring, but these day disappointment has come way too much when it comes to these motion pictures. Maybe it’s because I already know what is going to happen and I expect it, or maybe I get too critical. But I can’t handle seating there, waiting for the movie to get good when it never does. Now I’m sure I am not the only who has noticed this but why is it just books becoming movies coming on the screen these days. Are there no more script writers or play writers out there in the world? This trend is getting too old and I want to watch something that I didn’t already know. So, even though I haven’t seen the Beautiful Creatures film already I am sure it is going to suck, because I know there is more to this series than about love.

Now here the thing have noticed all directors or even authors that mess up the script. ¬†They are giving way too much of what the people want. I mean I understand if the movie people need a story that viewers will actually watch (Twilight), but to go and change the whole meaning of the movie entirely, is completely uncalled for. It’s one thing to change or even cut a scene, but to not give the meaning that the author was trying to give to readers is just plain wrong. The movie should not even have the same title as the books. This is a mistake I have been seeing a lot and I really do think that if they want most of their book worm fans to stay their fans; they should fix that.

Fans will be haters, but a writers have to understand that everyone is a critic. Pleasing the world is not something that one person can do. So, to doing what other people want is sad, because that meant that you were never really given a chance to show what you can really do. So, I will stick to my books when it comes to movies, and break my tradition of reading a new book that is going to become a movie or even read the book after it became a movie. Because I want to enjoy my entertainment. Not hate them, because they never got it right.

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