Seniors have one last chance to purchase prom tickets

Senior Prom tickets on sale one last time.

Senior Prom tickets on sale one last time.

There will be a “last chance” prom ticket sale on Tuesday, April 16 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the Panther Shop. Any senior who didn’t purchase a ticket during the previous six days sales has one LAST opportunity to purchase a ticket.

“Seniors who didn’t pay attention to their senior events calendar/ senior webpage or listen to the morning announcements should appreciate this gesture,” David Womack said “I hope the students will take advantage of this opportunity, but I also hope they remember this in the future and pay attention to deadlines.”

Tickets will be $80 regardless of community service hours. Seniors MUST have their student ID and CASH or MONEY ORDER – NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. ABSOLUTELY NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER 3:30 ON APRIL 16th !

“The original price was $60; then, prices went up in $5 increments until they were $75 on the last day. Seniors who had completed their community service requirement were given the $60 price through April 11th.” Womack said