Personality project helps freshman learn more about themselves


Mrs. Baker's freshman connections classes along with other classes designed personality balls that help them remember what makes them different from everyone else. (Jazmine Roblero photo)

“If you chose ‘A’  for question number 27, you are a very loveable person.” One would expect to hear this in a psychology class. Instead, these are the words of Ms. Kimberly Baker, freshman connections’ teacher, whose students are constructing “personality balls”.

Baker said the students take a series of personality tests that reveal things they may or may not have already known.

“Some students find out that they are self-centered,” Baker said. “Others find out that they are reliable. Some students are reminded of traits they already have and learn how to put them into words.”

Baker said they then condense the list down to the 20 items and construct a 3D model that hangs in the classroom to serve as an important reminder to both her and the student.

“The better I know them, the better I can guide them,” Baker said. “But more importantly, once they know their personality, they can go out and make good decisions based on what they know about themselves.”