“Most Nights Tour” dominates Dallas

Fun.'s lead singer Nate Ruess captures the crowd (Photo by: Christina Sembrano)

“Dallas, Texas, this show is only between us.”

These were the words spoken by Nate Ruess that will never slip my mind. Fun took over Dallas in September for their “Most Nights Tour” at the Gexa Energy Pavilion. The crowd sang and danced their hearts away until dark. It was a night to remember.

The American indie pop band is best known for their three chart-topping singles: “Some Nights”, “Carry On”, and “We Are Young”. They were nominated for six Grammy awards, and they bagged the Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and Best New Artist. The band definitely put on a great show in Dallas.

The lights went off, and the crowd got off their seats, nobody wants to miss a single thing. The band appears and their fans start going crazy; they are ready for an amazing show. Nate Ruess, the band’s main vocalist, starts to sing the Intro. He then looks at what’s in front of him; it was the beautiful audience that captured his heart. The concert was filled with nothing but pure talent, no enhancements, and no lip-synching, just Nate’s untainted voice and good looks of course. The band’s audience appeal was amazing, and the energy level was phenomenal throughout the show.

This was the first concert where I saw the crowd from the front row all the way to the back of the venue singing and dancing their hearts out. It felt like I was listening to their album except that it’s extremely better and I can see them performing in front of me. The band’s incredible talents blew me away. There is no doubt that Nate is probably one of the singers in this industry who is endowed with the best vocals.

“This is the best Thursday night I’ve ever had,” Ruess said. “You guys are freaking awesome!”

Nate is also probably one of the most passionate singers I have ever seen live. He values his fans so much, and makes sure that everyone has a good show. Dallas, in particular, was one of his favorite crowds. He gave his all that night, and ended up losing his voice the next day.

“We’re gonna go home, take some time off, and make a new record then we’ll come back to Dallas,” Ruess said.

Overall this concert deserves more than 5 stars. The band was beyond perfection. The audience was swooned by Nate’s powerful voice. I also recommend it to everyone who wants to know what a real concert feels like. I enjoyed it so much and I would definitely go to their concert again when they come back to Dallas.