Student council encourages communication through Talk About It week

Let It Go

To boost self-esteem and improve open communication amongst students, Student council hosted events during and after school this week.

*Monday – “Compliment Wall” during lunch: Students wrote compliments to other students on a star that were posted on the wall.
“Poetry Slam” after school: Students performed poems about self esteem and self-expression.
*Tuesday – Students reported incidents of bullying and shared stories of inspiration in the designated bullying locker.
*Wednesday – “Crush da Haterz” during all lunches in the East Cafeteria: Students wrote hateful criticism they’ve received on cans and crushed them.
*Thursday – “Pin it Forward” during school all day: Students pinned kind or funny words on deserving peers.
“Let it Go” after school outside of the performance hall: Students wrote their struggles on a tag and tied to a balloon. They released the balloons to symbolize letting go of their issues.

Sophomore class president Esteban Andrade said the goal of the week was to allow students to express themselves.

“The main purpose was to make students feel like they don’t have to keep anything a secret,” Andrade said. “They can share it with others, because we are all experiencing our own challenges.”

Andrade said he enjoyed the balloon release on Thursday.

“‘Let it Go’ was my favorite, because we let something within us go – whether it be a worry, a negative remark we were holdingĀ  on to or something we wanted to say but couldn’t,” Andrade said.

Andrade encourages his peers to continue communicating with their peers.

“Don’t be afraid to say what you want to say,” Andrade said. “We all have problems. This week, you can support others and also support yourself.”