Paramore to team up with Fall Out Boy this summer

Photo from previous Paramore concert

In a very reminiscent manner of what Maroon 5 did just last year, Paramore is embarking on yet another tour just months after they will conclude their own self-titled tour. Co-headlining what they are calling the MONUMENTOUR with Fall Out Boy, the band is wasting no time solidifying their place in the music scene.

With their worldwide Self-Titled Tour deemed an overall success for both new and old fans, their co-headlining gig with Fall Out Boy and special guests New Politics provides just the opportunity for any fans who missed the band the first time around to see them this time. Since the MONUMENTOUR is a summer tour, it is sure to have a different vibe; however, based on all of the bands’ performance history, it will be one of the not to miss concerts of the summer. Their performances and overall concert are sure to live up to the massive name they have given it.

Being a fan of these bands and seeing Paramore multiple times in concert, I definitely recommend attending one of their shows this summer if you want to make this upcoming summer one to remember. Tickets are on sale now, and with prices ranging from $26-66 (plus service fees), the event is definitely affordable for everyone. And for those unfamiliar with any of the bands, there is plenty of time to look them up on YouTube to see if you like their alternative/rock/pop styles and recent albums they’re sure to be performing. Just make sure you keep this concert in your mind if you have extra money and don’t know what to do this summer. After all it is a perfect opportunity to hang out with friends before school starts again and some students leave for college.

Tickets are currently on sale via LiveNation and Ticketmaster, so make sure you get yours before they sell out, and you’re stuck living the concert through statuses and pictures posted on Twitter, InstaGram, and Facebook.