Student Council focuses on internal attributes for Beauty Week


The themes for Beauty Week

The themes for Beauty Week
The themes for Beauty Week

Student Council hopes to change students’ perspectives on the definition of beauty with a themed week.

“We are promoting self-esteem and confidence this week,” Student Council vice president Ana Yanes said. “Our goal is to remind everyone that we are all beautiful in and out.”

The week kicks off tomorrow with No-Makeup Monday. Yanes said she hopes students participate by coming to school with natural faces.

“We want to promote inner beauty,” Yanes said.

The rest of the days are:

Tangled Tuesday – Come to school with “bed head”. Don’t brush your hear or use any type of product.

Worry Free Wednesday – Check out the mirrors in the restroom for quotes about confidence.

True Beauty Thursday – Take a picture in the bathroom mirrors that will be decorated with frames.

XOXO Valentine Friday – Celebrate Valentine’s Day by wearing red and pink.

Yanes said she is most looking forward to “Worry Free Wednesday”.

“I know we’ll make someone’s day,” Yanes said. “That’s how I know we will have accomplished our goal.”

Yanes said the week is one full of positivity.

“I’m hoping my peers will be reminded of the confidence they posses but are not aware of,” Yanes said. “It ties in with all of the projects we are arranging this year: looking forward to the future by letting go of the little things that hold us back.”