iPhone 6: Does bigger mean better?

A screenshot from Apple's website of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. (Credit to Apple)
A screenshot from Apple’s website of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. (Credit to Apple)

Like all of its past versions, the iPhone 6 proudly wears its origins on its back panel: “Designed by Apple in California”. And it’s more appropriate than ever because the latest iPhone (and its older sibling) are both very much like California itself. On the whole, it’s beautiful. It does a lot of things right and it’s arguably the best in the world in a number of categories. Although some people say it’s too expensive, while others say that that’s just the price of living on the edge of innovation and style. In the end, however, it’s not perfect and you’ll have to tolerate some of those inefficiencies and ugly areas that seem like they could be easily fixed. Yet, even with all those flaws, it’s still pretty awesome.

First of all, the iPhone feels amazing. Although the antenna lines in the back still bother me, the phone in general is completely smooth, rounded and it’s near seamless design is something to behold in person. However, the iPhone, while it’s great that it’s slim and light. At the times, it feels almost too frail. And although this could be easily fixed by buying a case, I still feel that they could have given it its premium feel while also given it a durable feel. Luckily this one doesn’t suffer from the “flexibility” that its older rendition has.

As with many other Apple products, the display is super easy on the eyes. Obviously, Apple has finally increased the screen size from 4’ to 4.7’, and although it doesn’t match the notably bigger screens that other phones offer. It still has a great display that has higher contrast, better side-view angles, great resolution, and more vibrant colors.

However, the iPhone 6 has plenty of features that are okay. But that’s it. Other than TouchID, most other applications work okay, rather than giving the “revolutionary “ feelings we were supposed to receive. But like I said, the TouchID is a great feature that works 90% of the time. And with the new ApplePay feature coming soon, and the fact that developers have recently received the developer’s kit needed to program new things for it. Expect the TouchID to blow up in terms of usefulness.

One of the best thing iPhone has going for it is the camera.  Although not much has changed from the past versions, the actual camera has received notable improvements, particularly to auto-focus and video capture. But, the most interesting features (that will probably be least used) allows for the recording of time lapse videos, as well as, continuous auto-focus and image stabilization that work well for taking 1080p, 60 fps HD videos. The slow motion feature shoots 240 frames for second in each second to produce 72 slow-mo videos.

Also coming with the iPhone 6 is the new iOS 8. However, that will get its own review at a later date.

As I said in the beginning, the iPhone 6 is not perfect. But luckily, the majority of these problems are just small problems that can easily be fixed. First of all, there’s the rear camera that sticks out from the back panel, this just makes it feel awkward and tenuous and makes it impossible to lay it down flat on its back. This, fortunately, can be fixed with a case. However, the bezel around the screen is hard to justify. And  it saddens me to know that this makes the phone as big as a normal 5’ phone but not deliver the same screen size. And personally, I would have gladly given up a few more millimeters of thickness in order to get a phone that fits perfectly in my hand. Plus, as if they were admitting that the phone was too big, Apple moved the power button from the top, to the side of the device, and they added a strange new software called “reachability” that brings the top half of the phone to the bottom half whenever you press the TouchID twice.

So despite, the relatively few flaws (more like nitpicks), Apple has once again made a compelling case to upgrade to its latest and greatest. The iPhone 6 also presents the strongest argument yet for switching from Android, (although I still prefer android). So in retrospect, the iPhone 6 is a wonderful device that apple devotees may as well go out, and quit everything they’re doing in order to buy it, while more conservative consumers wouldn’t be at fault if they were to wait in line for it and see in person what everyone else is enjoying.