Military Veteran staff members honored with special presentation


Choir Members stand  in salute of veterans as they enter the library for a special presentation.  The choir later sand the Star Spangled Banner for them as well. (John Hunt photo)
Choir Members stand in salute of veterans as they enter the library for a special presentation. The choir later sand the Star Spangled Banner for them as well. (John Hunt photo)

High Hats and Sparkler cheerleaders greeted  waves of military veteran faculty members as they entered the library for this year’s Veteran’s Day program Nov. 11.

“My dad was a World War II veteran.” Thomas said. ” I never did enough for my dad, my son always did, so I said this is what I wanted to do and it means a lot.”

This is the second year Duncanville came together to show appreciation to veterans led by English teacher Margaret Thomas who organized the event. She said she wants to show her appreciation for all those who served. Thomas went to principal Andre Smith with an idea to honor veterans and she was given the opportunity to create an event.

“Im so thankful Mr. Thomas organized this,”  Smith said. “This is a great chance for us to give honor where honor is due to our faculty members.”

Smith said he has been touched by veterans throughout his life and this is a worthy cause.

“My brother, uncle and aunts are veterans,” Smith said. ” They are a true inspiration to me. ”

Army veteran  and now teacher Kimberly Baker felt very honored by the presentation.

“Its nice to be remembered and its nice to be honored for today,”  Baker said. “I hope to take my service along with everything I learned in the military and transfer that pride into my teaching philosophy.”

For the Duncanville Mayor David Green, Veterans Day meant a lot. Green served in the army before taking on the role as mayor. Green served as the hospital administration.

“I needed to do my part to protect my country,” Green said.

The veterans were welcomed in a victory line made by the high hats and sparklers and later were honored by the singing of an American song from the choir.

“This ceremony caught me by surprise,” several veterans said as they finished their walk through the line.

The choir concluded the march with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner in honor of all the veterans. Junior Jeremy Brown was among the choir members to sing and says it was an honor to be part of the days events.

“My uncle was in the army and I’m proud to be  singing the national anthem to show our appreciation to the veterans,” Brown said.

Choir director Ty Shaw gathered choir students together to sing to the veterans in the loft of the library.

“We are so grateful for the years and time the veterans served for us,” Shaw said. “We are more than happy to be apart of the celebration.”

Shaw said he wishes he could do more for the veterans.

“There is never enough words to say thank you for service of men and women and the things they done for the country,” Shaw said.

Owner of the Subway in Duncanville Allen Conley donated subway sandwiches for all the veterans during what is one of the lunch blocks.

” It’s a wonderful way to give back,” Conley said. “I am proud to be a part of this event.”

Although Conley didn’t serve he wanted to show his appreciation for the veterans.

“When you think about the scarifies that people made not only for themselves but for their family the least i could do is give them a sandwich.” Conley said. “I’m so grateful”

Senior Trinidad Rodela created door hangers for every veteran. He made a special presentation to each one during the event. He said when he heard his art teacher John Tahaney mention this project he knew this was a project for him.

“Its important to remember what they have done for us,” Rodela said. “They sacrificed their time and their lives for something.  Im really proud to be an American.  It feels really great to be apart of this.”