Student Council hosts spirit week to promote anti-bullying

Student Council hosts spirit week to promote anti-bullying

UnknownThe week of November 17-21 is anti-bullying week and Student Council organized a “Stand Up” week with theme days and activities. Bullying is when a person or group of people intentionally act in a way that is emotionally, physically, or socially harmful towards another person on a repeated basis. 20% of students in grades 9–12 experienced bullying and 28% of students in grades 6–12 experienced bullying.  One of the best things you can do to end bullying is to be kind to others, especially if you think they are being bullied.

Monday is “Mighty Monday!” Dress up as your favorite superhero that has battled crimes, like bullying. Remember that the same restrictions apply as Homecoming week, no face paint, capes and if you wear tights, wear shorts, or a skirt on top or a long enough shirt.

*Instagram it! Make your #mcm a man you look up to that stands up to bullying or speaks out against bullying.*

    Tuesday is “Jersey Day.” Wear your favorite sports jersey and score against the bullies. Most students who see bullying want to do something about it. Check out what students like you have done to Stand Up against bullying at .

    On Wednesday, we wear pink (or red) to block out the mean girls. Over 40% of all teens reported being bullied online during the past year. Cyberbullying is any form of bullying that uses technology such as the internet, social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), text messages or emails. It can happen 24/7, is often done anonymously, ignored by others, and not reported. Remember to THINK before you say something that can affect someone.

T- Is it true?

H- Is it helpful?

I- Is it inspiring?

N- Is it necessary?

K- Is it kind?

*Instagram it! Make your #wcw a woman you look up to that  stands up to bullying or speaks out against bullying.*

    Thursday is “Purple Out” since purple is the official color of the Be Project. Wear a SOLID purple clothing to show that when united, we can end bullying. Also, “Thank you Thursday” so write a thank you note to a friend, teacher, principal, or anyone who has helped you get through a tough time. Did you know that peers are present during 88% of bullying incidents. Upstanders who Stand Up and have the courage to intervene help to stop bullying. When peers intervene, bullying can stop in less than 10 seconds!

    Lastly, Friday is “Formal Friday.” Have some class and don’t harass. Dress up to show that you’re above bullying. Clothes must still meet dress code, skirts MUST GO TO THE KNEES. Clothing should be modest – NO SPAGHETTI STRAPS and DRESSES SHOULD NOT BE LOW CUT, please.

*Select students will also have their faces painted white and will wear black to show how many kids are bullied each day.*

Standing Up to bullying is everyone’s job. Continue talking with peers and others in your community about how we can end bullying.