‘Once Upon a Time’ transforms childhood fantasies into entertainment for all

Once Upon a Time transforms childhood fantasies into entertainment for all
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Remember when you were a kid, and pretending to be a prince, princess, magician or any other fairytale character just felt so real, as if you were actually in a fairytale world? But as you got older, that fairytale world disappeared, replaced by our “real world” with Virtual Magic show for children. What if all this time there was actually something else beyond the “real world”. A magical world that co-exists with our own, one filled to the brim with all the fairy tail characters that we grew up with. Characters like, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Rumpelstiltskin. Well, that fantasy you may have once had is now a reality thanks to the hit ABC show  “Once Upon A Time”.

One great thing about this show is the way the director, Adam Horowitz, developed the characters and how each of the characters has a unique personality. We have The Evil Queen, whose famous quote, “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most wicked of all?” defines her perfectly. As the main villain,  she is Snow White and Prince Charming’s biggest enemy and would do anything to destroy their happiness for vengeance with the help of  Rumplestiltskin.

Rumplestiltskin is a crazy, intense and very intelligent trickster. He is an expert in dark magic and dark arts, which lets him help others, but like he always says  “All magic comes with a price.” His “Prices” are what cause the majority of the conflicts and the excitement throughout the plot. This troublemaker prefers his payments in the form of firstborn children that come from true love like the relationship between Snow White and Prince Charming.

Snow White, the fairest of all with lips red as rose, hair black as coal, and skin white as snow is fearless and will do the impossible to protect her people from the Evil Queen. She does however find herself trapped in a sleeping curse. Luckily she is awakened from it by her Prince Charming.

Prince Charming can be described as a tall, noble and handsome man but he is also a leader of men and a warrior.  When he learns about the Evil Queen’s scheme, he rallies the forces of good to find a way to stop it but as they planned, their first child Emma is born. The couple is forced to put Emma in a wardrobe to save her from the curse. After 28 years of being away from her unknown parents, Emma grows to be a normal person living in New York City. Her orphan beginning leads her to be insecure of her abilities and to give up her son Henry for adoption, in hopes of giving him a better life.

The mayor of Storybrooke, Regina, adopts Henry and raises him as her own.  At 10 years old, Henry is a lonely, anti-social boy. His teacher, Mary Margret, is worried about him, so she gives him a storybook with all the characters and all their happy endings to give him comfort and hope. When Henry reads the book he starts to believe that all the inhabitants from Storybrooke are actually the characters from the story. He believes they are under a curse, and his long lost mother is the one that is destined to break the curse. He is determined to find her. His search for her is the catalyst for the plot.

This is where the future of all worlds, modern and fairytale like, begins. Emma will have to accept her destiny, face her fears, and fight like she never has before.  Storybrooke will change forever, and it just might turn everything you know about these characters upside-down.