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The Texas Christkindl Market brings a culture of Christmas Germany to Texas

A top view Photo of the Christkndl Market
A top view Photo of the Christkndl Market
A Photo of "kinder" with Christking in front of Santa Haus.
A Photo of “kinder” with Christking in front of Santa Haus.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, to spend time together with your loved ones creating beautiful memorize that you will treasure for life, and what better way than going to the Texas Christkindl Market (open now through this Sunday). The Texas Christkindl Market located at 1098 Ballpark Way Arlington, TX 76011, is one of the biggest, most popular attractions during the Christmas season. The Christkindl Market is a German American Holiday market, which has both American and German views of Christmas.

It introduces multicultural event as in instead of having only Santa Claus, the Christkindl market introduces Krampus (a German creature that takes bad kids.) There is also this beautiful angel, Christkind (she represents an angel that came to see baby Jesus) that appears at 8 pm. The Christkindl Market is beautiful for its events, but the thing that can not be forget is the delectable food served. The Christkindl Market serves food ranging from traditional German bratwurst to creamy spaghetti ice cream. The bratwurst is just flavorful and juicy, but best part is you are able to see how they create the bratwurst. And what better drink to accompany a delicious bratwurst than a warm apple cider or for adults a cold refreshing jug of beer from Germany. Let’s not forget about dessert, a creamy Spaghetti ice cream is a great ending after a delicious meal. It sounds weird, but it is actually delectable. The ice cream is filled to this machine that when pressed together squeezes ice cream in the form of spaghetti. If you’re not hungry and just wants to have family bonding time there is also an epixable light show, dance shows, and the Santa Haus.

The light show is not necessary a show , if you arrive at the market before it becomes dark you are able to see when the market lights come on, and the place becomes a fairytale dream. For the dance shows, you are able to see them throughout the market, the dances shows mostly consist of trained professional dancer who are dressed in traditional german clothing. The female wear these beautiful dresses with multiple layers creating a bounce effect and the men wear lederhosen, a white button down shirt, and mini shorts. The dancers perform traditional German dances used in celebrations. For the kinders (children in German) there is Santa Haus, where the kids are able to enter this little cute house where Santa lives and sit in Santa’s lap to get their picture taken. There are multiple performances and family activities throughout the market, but if memories is what you want to buy there is also multiple knick knack and decorations found.

The Christkindl Market has multiple decorations and knick knacks, one of them is these beautiful gingerbread hearts that are decorated and tied with string to be hanged. Each one has a messages like “I Love You” and “Happy Holiday’s”. There are also beautiful and colorful little ornaments, and traditional wooden dolls that sell from $1 to $20.

The Christkindl Market introduces a mixture of German culture that appeals to the Christmas season. The Market is absolute the best pace to spend time together with your loved one’s and create memories that you will treasure. From the family activities to the amazing foods and gourmets.

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