Snapchat update allows users to “discover”

Snapchat was developed in 2011.
Snapchat was developed in 2011.

Snapchat is known for its innovations. The app itself was original in its purpose: a photo only social network. After gaining popularity in all its simplicity, the app transformed itself to allow for multiple filters and overlays. And it’s never stopped evolving since then. The most recent development included a special “Discover” feature that allows its users access to CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN and People, among many others. This update is a game changer, as it puts both the social stratosphere and relevant news right in the hands of teenagers who typically remain oblivious.

There is an abundance of information awaiting users. It caters to all, whether interested in sports, celebrities, animals or music. Despite its enhanced features, it is not at all difficult. The portal of information is accessible by the swipe of the screen. The tidbits of information is then navigated through by swiping forward, backwards, up and down. It is certainly easier than checking the websites daily and cheaper than subscribing to all of the magazines and newspapers.

Because of its update, snapchat has become my newest obsession. In my free time, I snap a selfie, then scroll over to become more aware on world events, check my horoscope, learn a quick recipe, or look at pictures of cute ferrets all in a matter of minutes. All without leaving the app.