Elizondo advises seniors to finish college applications by Oct. 31


Students talk to college representatives at a previous college night. (Photo by Brandon Rogers)

By Kennedy Stidham, Editor in Chief

As the deadline for college application submission gets closer and closer, it is easy for seniors to become overwhelmed with all that there is left to do. On campus college adviser Carlos Elizondo has outlined the five main things seniors should be focusing on right now.

  1. “The most important thing seniors need to be working on is taking the SAT and ACT,” Elizondo said.

Elizondo is available in his office daily for help registering for the tests, obtaining fee waivers and even studying.

2. “At the same time, students should be applying to either a 2 year or 4 year university through Apply Texas,” Elizondo said.

Elizondo encourages all students to apply to at least a few Texas schools for back-ups.

3. “While they fill out this application, they concurrently write their essays for scholarship consideration,” Elizondo said.

These scholarships are specific for the school, but Elizondo has a list of other scholarship websites available in his office.

  1. “The essays are apart of the application process, and students should write all essays (A,B and C),” Elizondo said.

Elizondo said that not all essays are required, but it is best to write them anyway. Essay C is specifically important for scholarships purposes. Elizondo has helpful tips for students who are stuck in the writing process.

  1. “Transcripts are very important as well,” Elizondo said.

Elizondo said transcripts can be obtained from Ms. James in the Parent Center. He can help students upload them or help send them to the correct places.

Elizondo warns that all of these steps should be completed by October 31. This date is crucial so that students get priority for acceptance, scholarships and housing. See Elizondo with any questions.