Funnel Cake Paradise stays true to its name

The Oreo cookies and creme funnel cake, pictured here, is absolutely delectable.

The Oreo cookies and creme funnel cake, pictured here, is absolutely delectable.

By Brandon Camacho, Staff Writer

“Ding,” the bells ring. “Welcome to Funnel Cake Paradise” is said as you are greeted and that delicious smell of freshly fried, crispy, golden funnel cakes greets your nose, making your mouth drool.

Funnel Cake Paradise, which is located at 4294 Gannon Ln, Dallas, Texas is this amazing restaurant specialized in funnel cakes. They have a multitude of different variety and flavors like Red Velvet, Oreo’s and Creams, etc… , but one of their most popular is their Strawberry Ice Cake.

The process begins with the frying of a freshly funnel cake dough until golden and crisp. Then it’s sprinkled with powdered sugar covering the cake like a layer of snow, then a sweet but balanced strawberry puree is layered on top, a scoop of your choice of homemade ice cream and lasty a drop of freshly made whipped cream is added. The Strawberry Ice cake is just an amazing dessert that everyone needs to try. The funnel cakes is crisp in the outside, but light and fluffy in the inside, that melts in your mouth. The strawberry puree is balanced in its sweetness, not giving that corn syrup flavor.   

Funnel Cake Paradise offers plenty of other fried food as, fried pickles, homemade corn dogs, waffle fries, chicken strips, etc…. If you’re in the mood of a snack then you must try the chicken strips with waffle fries. The chicken strips are battered and then covered in breadcrumbs giving them that crunchy texture. After coming out of the fryer they are seasoned with salt, and a pinch of pepper, and put beside these perfectly golden waffle fries. If neither of these snacks tickle your fancy, then try their homemade slow churn ice cream. The impeccable creamy and smooth textured, which rolls just off the tongue give your taste buds a feeling of paradise.

Funnel Cake Paradise is known for its richness funnel cakes which are just worth the price ($7 – $20 depending on what you order). If you missed that amazing funnel cake from the fair, then wait no more. Funnel Cake Paradise can give you satisfaction.