Powder Puff pits seniors against juniors tomorrow at 7


Photo by tions

The Powder Puff tournament is a heated competition between the two upper classes. (Photo By: Chrystal Rhone)

By Davion Smith, Assistant Editor

Senior and junior girls will face off in the annual Powder Puff game tomorrow at 7 at Panther Stadium. Entrance is $5, and as this is a senior class fundraiser, athletic passes will NOT be honored.

“You are guaranteed to have a good time between the girl football players and student football coaches,”  Coach Chapman said. “And of course the boys are going to put on a good show. ”

The girls have seen their own skills improve with the help of their coaches.

“At first, we were a mess,” senior Kennedy Stidham, who will play starting center, said. “No one knew what they were doing, and we were completely out of sync as a team. But just four practices later, we’re already so much better. Our defense is unstoppable, and we’re great with both the pass and run game.”

Stidham is confident that the seniors will win because of their experience and their drive.

“We don’t just want to win,” Stidham said. “It is a necessity. We feel as though we deserved to win last year, but we were jipped. Plus, no senior wants be defeated by the juniors. We’ll do whatever it takes to avoid that humiliation.”

Win or loss, however, Stidham is excited about the opportunity.

“This experience is making me a better football fan,” Stidham said. “I have always loved the sport, but now that I have seen how it works first hand, I’m even more amazed. Now I know what my dad is talking about when he says things like reach block or screen play. I can hang with the boys now.”