Seniors, Mark Your Spot!


For the first time ever, Duncanville High School will allow the first 74 seniors paint their parking spots. Students must complete a “Vehicle Registration Card” (Available in the Associate Principals’ office) to get a parking spot. Parking permits will be limited to the available parking spaces.


  1. General Parking- $20
  2. Senior Parking Section A- $50
  3. Senior Parking Section B- $40
  4. Senior Parking Section C- $30

Only 74 spaces will be sold for this fundraiser!!!!

  • Come to DHS on August 8th, 9th, or 10th during registration, 12-7pm, to purchase your parking spot. Ask for a painting approve spot if you wish to personalize your parking spot. Spaces will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Next you will purchase your painting permit for $30 next to the parking permit table.
  • Then you must sketch a school appropriate design to submit for approval
  • Sketches will only be approved on August 11, 12, 15, and 16.


Your design must be school appropriate. No references to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs, etc. It must be clean. For example, you can use your name, the instrument you play, any organizations you are in, your favorite hobbies, etc.

Paint must be “liquid” latex paint. No aerosol cans, etc.


So what do you bring?

On Paint Day bring….

  • your proof of parking permit purchase from DHS
  • your sketch
  • Paint, paint brushes or rollers
  • masking/painters tape to tape off your parking spot and space number before you start
  • clean-up supplies (broom, paper towels, etc)
  • Air or Airless paint sprayers are not permitted

No Refunds after you have painted your parking space. If you paint something inappropriate on your spot, it will be painted over, and you will not receive a refund. No touch-ups, Repainting, etc after August 21st.

Painting Days and Times – remember to account for drying time for connecting colors.

  • Saturday, August 20th from 7 am- 12 pm and 4 pm-8pm
  • Sunday, August 21st from 1pm-5pm
  • These are the only painting dates and times!