Panther Pride rally to bring together school,community Aug. 19


As a way to connect the school and community, a pep rally will be held Aug. 19 immediately following the new student orientation at 7:45 in Panther Stadium. The event will begin in the high school and parade towards the stadium where students will be joined by the parents and community.

New DHS principal Tia Simmons wants to show the student body that she cares and she feels there is no better way to show it than with a pep rally. The Rally will include give aways, introduction of all clubs and organizations and much more. 

“It was important to me that the community recognize my babies,” Simmons said.  “We want the community to acknowledge them and help us celebrate them.” 

Simmons hopes the rally will bond and empower the students and community to take ownership in the district.

“I’ve talked to students. I’ve talked to parents. I’ve talked to community members. I’ve talked to teachers,” Simmons said.  “What they all say as a common thread is they want unity and they want spirit. Here’s our opportunity to give this to everybody at one time.”

Simmons hopes everyone will come out and stand together to kick off a new school year and promote Panther Pride.

“We are here for the Duncanville High School students,” Simmons said.  “We love you. We celebrate you. We support you.”