My School Husical


Photo by Renee Phillips

The High School Husical will offer four shows next week.

The theatre department will be presenting their annual Fall Harvest Show starting Nov. 10-12 at 7pm and a special Sunday show at 2pm in the Shine Performance Hall. Tickets will $5 and staff get in free with ID badge.

My School Husical is about two very unlikely teams having to group together to win a step-team competition with an unusual plot twist as students begin to disappear before the big contest.

“I watched a whole lot of 80s teen comedies when I was in high school,” director Lucy Russell said. “So I thought the whole resurgence of High School Musical, and all of that would be funny if we did a weird twist on the whole idea of teen high school experience.”

With the show making a reappearance after four years Russell was very happy with the modernizing of the show and the new references that were added to the original script.

“I think each year different performers bring new things to the scripts,” Mrs. Russell said. “So they are always being updated with current references and I like getting everyone’s input with things we can add.”

With a week until opening night and only having two weeks with the scripts the cast is feeling anxious and nervous to get the play polished as much as possible.

“It’s kind of scary because we have two weeks,” sophomore Logan Russell said. “If it hadn’t been for that then I probably would be having some more fun with all this.”

With all the hard work going into the show Logan hopes everyone comes out and joins the cast for a night of the first musical theatre play in four years.

“We’ve worked really hard and are still working really hard with one week left till opening night, and we put something that the audience is going to love together,” Logan said. “I just hope everybody enjoys it.”

With a comedic script and over animated actions there is still a lesson that can be learned. Embrace your differences.

“I think everybody can take a lesson from the play which is don’t take everything so seriously,” Mrs. Russell said. “And don’t be easy to be offended, and realized we are stronger because of our differences.”