Teachers come out victorious in second annual Powderbuff game


Art teacher Yolanda Harris and History teacher David Wallner collide while trying to push the ball over the net against the students in the Faculty vs. student Powderbuff volleyball game. (Ruth Thunderhawk photo)

This week the  juniors and seniors took on the teachers  in the second annual Powderbuff tournament. With an intense two hours of volleyball the teachers came out victorious in the end.

“Our teamwork and ability to work through helped us learn how to win, love, and live,” history teacher Christopher Dugdale said.

With the teachers having won two years in a row the teachers exclaim it is still fun to come together in another round to defeat the students.

“I enjoyed the competition and the rivalry attitude between students and teachers,” art teacher Yolanda Harris said.

While some were playing for the first time others are no stranger to the game and look forward to facing off agains the students.

“The taste of tears from the students is the best part every year,” sociology teacher John Chapman said. “Just being better than the students in every facet of the game is just awesome.”

This year the sale of tickets at the game drew $800 to be used to help others.

“We will be purchasing necessary things for students who are in need at DHS,” student council sponsor David Womack said. ” Students will be identified by the counseling center and then StuCO will purchase things such as school supplies etc. to distribute to those students.”

Womack was said he was very happy with the results of the game with such limited opportunity to publicize it this year.

“The students who participated, and the small crowd who attended, had a good time,” Womack said. “Participation by players was strong enough to merit doing the project again.”

In the end everyone had fun and enjoyed the competition however the teachers again claim bragging rights.

“To all the students, I hope you can live happy lives even though you lost to a lot of old people while you’re still in the prime of your life,” Dugdale said. “This will be the worst day of your life, that should give me hope for tomorrow.”

Other faculty members say they are just glad they were able to pull it off in the end after being tied up in the championship game.

“I believe the most memorable aspect of the championship game was winning the first match and losing the second. Then we was down by several points in the final match,” Harris said.  “During the timeout, we came together, settled down, and encouraged ourselves to victory. The come back was EPIC!!”