Area 51 Released to the Public

Area 51 Released to the Public

Michigan rapper Patrick “Packy” Duda has released a new EP entitled, “Area 51.” Packy wanted to recognize his hometown with, “Area 51,” and he was able to do so.

Packy stayed true to the style that he found when making his 2nd studio album, “Mad Lifey.” That album people feel strayed from his original style, but there were fans who enjoyed the style. Personally I enjoy both styles of music and enjoy that he can be diverse with the way he makes his music.

Along side Moe-T, Packy’s brother and Producer, Packy has been able to create several Mixtapes, EPs, and 2 studio albums. Moe-T has produced most every song that Packy has written.

The Specktators Collective has produced an artist that is on the rise and soon enough he may the biggest name on the radio.

Area 51 has stuck to the kind of rap Packy is known for right now, and if he sticks with it he may as well be the next big thing.