High School Heroes adopt their Junior Executives from Bilhartz Elementary


The hometown heroes met with their Junior Executives from Bilhartz Elementary to mentor them. (Bailey Boelter photo)

Big eyes and wide mouths are all you see when the junior executives of Bilhartz Elementary school step in the doors of Duncanville High School. There is also the occasional “ooh” or “ahh” because of how much bigger the high school is compared to their elementary school.

Apr. 21, the Junior Executives took a trip over to Duncanville to meet their high school heroes.  When the kid got there they came straight to the East seminar room and was happy to see all the older kids before them. The Heroes were going to “adopt” the kids; meaning they were going to find a buddy and stick with them for a very long time. The seniors even though they are graduating soon will still be able to keep in contact and will be able to attend future events with the kids.

“One day I was walking to the bathroom and Ms.Allen told me to come to the teacher lounge for a meeting,” fourth grader Jadon Reed said.  “At first I thought I was in trouble, but really it was about being a Junior executive.”

The Junior Executives is a program started by Teresa Allen at Bilhartz elementary. Ms.Allen started the program to help push the younger boys in grades Pre-K to Fourth grade in the right direction. The program is to help them figure out themselves at an early age, get a head start.

“ We were looking for High School students and Mr.Lockhart to reach out and luckily he was able to come and kind of give them some guidance,” Ms. Allen said

Ms.Allen and the principal at Bilhartz Elementary started the program in September but had one just like it last year just like it the only difference is just that they are more in depth this year. The program has really inspired and helped the children this year they even have a girls program called ‘Sister to sister’ that does the same thing but just with girls.

“I wanted to help educate the youth in the Duncanville community, to mold them into leaders of America,”  junior Jeremiah Lockhart said .

At the high school a group of bright student signed up for Mr. Allen Lockhart’s program High School Hero’s program because they felt that they can help guide the younger boys into the right direction. With the program they hope to teach the boys, manners, the six pillars of character and more.

“ I am very excited to meet my person,”senior Chionisty Williams said. I’m excited to get to know them and their story and figure out a way to guide them through whatever they are going through.”

During the time the kids were at the high school they got to hear both assistant principal Mr.Williams and Executive principal Ms. Simmons speak to them. The kids also got a turn of the school that had them so wide eyed at the beginning.

“This is an ongoing thing,” Lockhart said.  “As long as these kids are in school, we’re going to follow them to make sure they are successful.”