NHS Members raise money for UNICEF

NHS Members raise money for UNICEF

Miniature cardboard boxes may be spotted throughout the halls as we round the corner into the month of October. These festive, orange-colored boxes carried by NHS members have a slot and a single message on top of them reading, “Make Halloween Count.”

Starting now you can donate any amount to Unicef, the United States fund, through students in National Honor Society. Whether it be a couple of coins of spare change or a generous donation, all money received goes towards a great cause. The ‘Trick-or-Treat for Unicef’ project sends a message that every kid counts with all charity going to provide children in need with water, food, school supplies, emergency blankets, and immunizations.

“NHS is centered around helping the community,” NHS president Senior Paolo Obenita said, “that’s why we’re so big on our members about their community service hours and that’s why NHS participates in the Unicef project.”

National Honor Society members are chosen not only for their academic achievements but they must attain a certain number of service hours and maintain them throughout their time in the organization. The Unicef fundraiser is a service project that they hope everyone contributes to. When asked why it is important for both students and teachers to donate to the cause his response was very clear.

“Why shouldn’t they?,” Obenita said.  “It’s your pocket change and it’s always nice to do an act of kindness especially if it’s for someone that’s in a less fortunate situation that yours.”

Donations will be accepted from students and faculty from now until October. We encourage everyone to contribute to this cause next time you find a small orange box around the building.