Welcome to Brawlhalla!


Welcome to Brawlhalla! An exciting platform fighting game that’s available on PC and PlayStation 4. While playing the game the matches players are set in are arranged by their preference.  Whether you select one versus one, or two versus two, or maybe just a full on four player free for all, gamers choose their match.

As you play the game you will most likely find a character that you simply adore, whether it be because of their appearance or just their special attacks known as signatures. Although there is a large spread of characters, 5 of them are playable each week for free, everyone else must be paid for in order to play.

The characters come from several different backgrounds, some are robots, some are monsters, some are even aliens! Personally, my favorite character is Ember. She is an elf who uses a bow and katars as her primary weapons. For her signatures, she uses the power of the forest to help aid her in battle. She is able to ride a wolf into combat, and even use a raven to injure her opponents.

While playing these characters, you can level them up and receive awards for doing so. Rewards may range from in-game money, or colors to change your character’s appearance. Brawlhalla itself allows you to make your account and characters your own by giving you the option of customizing them with skins, taunts, and icons.

Overall there is far much more to the game than just playful fighting, there are national competitions that hand out hefty prizes for winning against the best of the best. The Brawlhalla World Championship was played Nov. 35, people who signed up were all competing for the 100,000-dollar prize. Those who played were only able to sign up for one versus one, or two versus two.