Duncanville Panthers Begin 2019 Season

Duncanville Panthers Prepare for the season after scrimmage against Arlington Martin


Photo by Emily Cruz

Ja’quinden Jackson breaks though and scores a touchdown against Arlington Martin

“Excited and hungry, but somewhat unfocused”  

That would be the account of one Panther player as they left their locker room to begin their first pre-season scrimmage against the Warriors at Martin High School last Friday.

 It was a chippy game, and wasn’t taken very seriously lasting only three quarters. But still the Panthers came out victorious against the Warriors, 6 to 3 

Defensive linebacker Paul Pickins caught an interception which lead the Starting Senior Quarterback Ja’Quinden Jackson, to run in a 50-yard Touchdown to give the Panthers a 6-0 lead.

As avid fans and spectators await the official kick off to the season, coaches and players mark this moment to take flight against a new opponent after months of hard training and conditioning. 

Even though this was only a scrimmage, Head Coach Reginald Samples words did not holdback any punches when asked about their performance.

”We needed more effort,” Samples said. “They were not ready to compete,”.

Samples, who didn’t feel too good with the game, guarantees that he will have his team better prepared for their next upcoming opponents. the Lancaster Tigers at the Beverly D. Humphrey Tiger Stadium on Friday, August 30th at 7:30. 

So if your in the area, be sure to come by and watch our Panthers compete.