Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Book Review

Release on Nov. 11

Dis Utopian societies are all the rage these days. Just like Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Game Series. Freshly new writer Tahereh Mafi debuts with Shatter Me. A paranormal romance that brings out the tears from my eyes. The book come out Nov. 11. Mafi has earn herself the title “Best Author of The Year” because of this book. The book had presented it’s self beautifully with it’s dramatic characters. It was emotional. Mafi wanted emotions.

Juliette hasn’t  seen the outside for seventeen years. Given away at fourteen, Juliette was confined by the Reestablishment for a curse she was given. Just like Rogue from the X-Men. Juliette has a destructive touch that keeps everyone away from her. She has been alone for so long. Until, the Reestablishment starts making unusual changes. They give her a cellmate that seems to have trouble keeping his eyes off her. To make things even more confusing the Reestablishment releases her. Now free. Juliette soon learn what has happened to the world while she was gone. And she also experiences a new urge that she hasn’t felt for a long time. The urge to touch.

Drama, action, and romance. Those are the main ingredients that create a beautiful story. Characters that made me express so many emotions. I would cry over Juliette’s life. I would curse over Warner’s possessiveness over Juliette. I have gone mad over this book. You would be cold-hearted if this didn’t touch your heart. Emotions is what drove my attention. And emotions will not stop until the end of the story.

I give this book five paws!!!!