Chrietzberg honored after coin toss of Panthers vs. Cedar Hill

Chrietzberg honored after coin toss of Panthers vs. Cedar Hill
Mr. Chrietzberg watched his last home football game as a principal tonight. He was honored prior to the game with a ball signed by all the football players. (Ariana Canchola photo)

Mike Chrietzberg has been to every single varsity football game since he has been principal. He’s use to the roaring crowds, the epic wins and also the emotional losses. But he will soon learn to miss those moments as principal. Tonight marks Chrietzberg’s final home game as principal of Duncanville High School. To commemorate Chrietzberg, the Athletic Department presented him with a football signed by all the current members of the varsity football game between Duncanville and Cedar Hill.

“I was surprised, but you know I felt a great deal of pride as well,” Chrietzberg said “I’ve put a lot into Duncanville High School and this really means alot.”

Chrietzberg said he is glad to have been a part of the football program over the years.

“It’s a great honor, seeing all the success of the kids,” Chrietzberg said, “I’m very proud of Coach Dicus, and to receive this tonight means a great deal to me.”

Chrietzberg remains upbeat and positive about tonight’s game just like all the other games he has watched over the years.

“We’re going to win this game, whether it be by one point or 100 points, but we’re going to win tonight,” Chrietzberg said.

Photos of the event