Mayday Parade Brings Some Stronger Melodies in New Album


Mayday Parade come back from a major loss


Released on Oct. 4 Mayday Parade came back with a new album with out their other band mate Jason Lancaster. Having just one person on vocals now, Mayday wasn’t sure how this new album would turn out. Without Jason they didn’t know if anyone would even notice the difference. And really I can’t tell either. Jason was a strong contributes to the band but lead singer Derek Sanders seems to be doing fine solo.  Self-titled album, Mayday Parade has given the band and a wonderful change in direction for them. They seem to have learned from their loss and they want us to know by singing us a new album.

Mayday Parade is the one band that I would look forward to for a good time. But also for a love song that makes me want to cry. They make themselves known by showing off their strengths and that was Jason’s vocals. But now that he is gone they have to compromise with an even greater sound. Derek may sound a bit sad with his vocals. When really he is exposing himself in a vulnerable way that listeners die for. Listeners want musicians to be open with their music and that is what create a good album. In their love lingering song, Stay, the guitar strings it’s self so softly that it makes your heart beat along with it. While Derek’s vocals make your heart stop beating and break with its tenor tone. Mayday Parade has come back with a fourth album that brings the sounds of rain into melodies that are forever from the heart.

Lyrics are not only words that you try to rhyme or sing. They are sentences that tell a story. And Mayday Parade’s stories are sad. But they also connect with their fans. Their faithful song, You’re Dead Wrong, is a song that brings out the difficult steps in life of trying to figure your self out. They show how people shouldn’t give up on you just because you are stuck in the mud. Mayday proves how life is a story that should be sung or told in many ways. Their self- titled album is beautiful in a sad way that will keep me searching for their meaning in their words until I get it right.

After a big loss, you would have predicted a very blue tone in their album. But really this is a good way to show how they feel. Jason maybe away with his new band Go Radio. But this was a good this for our fellow Mayday. They have grown up form this loss and they will move on with bigger hits. On Youtube and fan blogs they worry about how the Mayday will end up. But really I think they will be fine. They have wonderful instrumentals and an amazing singer that has got their back. They will get along just fine.

I give this five paws.