Once Upon A Time brings back Newer Classics

Number one Drama for the season

ABC’s Once Upon A Time brings in a warm fire place sitcom to the whole family. Bringing twist to family favorites O.U.A.T is the show to watch for an entertaining time. Acting that will make you speechless. Special effects that will make stare in an awed gaze. And a plot that will keep you at the edge of your sit. This show is must see and it will keep you in until the end.

Snow White and Prince Charming were about it have their happy ending wedding. Until the Evil Queen crashes the special event. She informs the fairytale creatures of her dark plan to get revenge on everyone for ruining her happy ending. In fears of what would happen Prince Charming tries to stop her, but before he could even touch her. She disappears with the determination to release her plan. Concerned about her family and kingdom’s future Snow pleads to her husband to go see Rumpelstilskin for some assurance. They go to him in hopes that what they get is positive. But whatever Rumpelstilskin gives you it is never good. He speaks of a curse that would be cast a Darkness to the whole kingdom and change their lives forever. Change their good lives to a life with no happy ending. Rumpel says that their is no hope, but Snow White’s baby. Snow and Charming figure out a way to save their in hopes that she would save them on her 28 birthday.Emma Swan is a bonds collector and she doesn’t have very much to lose when it came to family. She has been a orphan since he day she was born. On her 28th birthday she wishes to not be alone. A knock at the door answers her wishes.

Drama, and action. The two things that made this show a major hit. Just like Fairytale twist themed shows, Tin Man and Grimm. O.U.A.T is the one show that will keep you wishing that it wouldn’t just come show on Sundays. Characters that would keep you keep adding favorites. And plot twist that will make you think and watch the whole entire time. This is the one show for the whole family. Fairytale romance for the girls and action sword fighting for the boys. This show will never make you bored.